Neck & Shoulder Pain

Ţubarjal Neck pain is a very common problem, with two-thirds of the population having neck pain at some point in their lives. As people are increasingly sedentary, live fast-paced and hectic lives, they place more stress and strain on the upper back and neck regions of their spines. Posture and stress
Neck and shoulder pain might be caused by motor vehicle accidents, poor prolonged posture (eg. Sitting behind the computer) and physical or emotional stresses. In many cases, neck and shoulder tension even leads to pain between the shoulderblades, headaches, pain in the arms and even pins and needles in the fingers. Chiropractic
By using specific chiropractic adjustments, the motion of spine is enhanced, nerve involvement and muscle tension is reduced, the pain eases and the body can heal. Read about our first consult, so you see what you can expect when walking into our clinic.