http://norskerflyfishing.com/peters-blog/island-brown-trout-fiskeri Migraines are an extremely common condition which will affect 12–28% of people at some point in their lives. A migraine is a neurological syndrome characterized by painful headaches and nausea. The typical migraine headache is one-sided, pulsating, lasting 4 to 72 hours. Next to the headache and nausea, migraine might be accompanied by a heightened sensitivity to bright lights and noise.

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Although the exact cause of migraine remains unknown, numerous scientific studies have found a direct relationship between migraines and a decreased mobility of the spinal joints in the neck. Loosening these joints and thereby removing irritation often leads to a marked decrease in intensity as well as the frequency of the migraine.
In addition to these treatments, we will also go through some aspects of your daily diet, since the migraine might be triggered by some foods containing tyramine (like red wine and many others), monosodium glutamate (MSG) and nitrate, found in bacon, and other foods, like chocolate.

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Each migraine case is unique and every story is absolutely critical because every person reveals unique characteristics and experiences that help us individually develop your personalized program. You will have more than enough time to tell your story so we can identify your own personal triggers.

buy modafinil duck Just have a look at the testimonials and see what results we have had with fellow migraine patients.

When spinal manipulation is combined with small changes in diet, the results can be amazing. Just give us a call, we’re happy to help.