buy modafinil online south africa Headache is a very common symptom amongst the general population. 57% of men and 76% of women report at least one significant headache per month. Although headaches are common, this doesn’t imply it’s normal. And while drugs conveniently suppress your ability to sense pain, they do not correct the possible underlying cause of the headache.

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Bālāghāt In many cases, headaches originate from the upper three cervical vertebrae and the surrounding muscles. It is often accompanied by neck, shoulder and/or arm pain. Lack of motion in these vertebrae causes the joints to be irritated, the muscles to spasm and blood supply to decrease. Restoring the motion in the spinal joints will lead to an decrease of the headache. Click here for more detail on the effects of chiropractic. 

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During your first visit, we’ll do a thorough examination of the head and neck to find out if the neck is the cause of the headache. If it is, it is very likely, you’ll benefit from chiropractic care.